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Our alerts are based on quantitative and qualitative research and not market hype or “gut feelings”. We don’t work based on hunches, and we don’t panic when the market is acting irrationally.

At Vortex Capital we dig deep and provide sound advice based on hard-cold numbers and the most cutting edge analysis. The basis for all of our activities is helping you make incredible gains and high returns on your investments.

We work day and night to bring you the most up to date trade alerts and information and by applying the right technical analysis tools we’re able to predict movements very accurately, giving our clients high impact trade alerts with high success rates.

Please note that crypto currency trading is highly speculative and although returns cannot be guaranteed, of course, with the correct risk management and strict adherence to our trading signals, it is possible to consistently generate positive returns as a result of following our alerts.


Vortex Trade Alerts Special Promotion

We were silent during the months of July and August due to market conditions and did not charge our existing customers for these months.

We want our clients to prosper and make a profit on our trade alerts and therefore we will not post alerts which we are not sure will turn a profit.

As the market is beginning to rise we are offering a special promotion of 35 USD Tether for two months or 20 USD Tether per month starting from September 1, 2021 to existing and new customers.

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