Wealth Management

Traditional banking systems make millions from their clients while most clients only get a low 1-3% return annually. We have changed that by offering everyone the same opportunity. Our managed accounts have been used by the ultra-wealthy for decades but now we have opened up the gates for everyone.

Vortex Capital LLC is trading and investing in a $5.5+ Trillion Dollar Market which includes assets such as the Foreign Exchange Market and Cryptocurrencies.

Vortex Capital LLC is not a financial advisor, we are only trading an account on behalf of the users. You have full access to your funds which can be withdrawn at any time.

Benefits of Wealth Management Accounts

Investors always look for the best investment opportunities, sometimes they need to take serious risk associated with a specific investment opportunity in order to have great returns. Imagine, if we let you know of an investment opportunity where investment and inherent risk are both  low but returns are just awesome. Well, we refer to opening a managed forex/cryptocurrency trading account. To give you a clear idea concerning how a managed forex/cryptocurrency account can work for you, we have listed some benefits of opening a managed forex/cryptocurrency trading account below.

Generate Return

The reason why people invest their money is to generate return in form of profits. No doubt, investing in the right opportunity can bring you a lot of money. However, you sometimes need to be extra vigilant before investing your money. A Managed forex/cryptocurrencyaccount is one of the best investment opportunities you can invest your money in. A managed forex/cryptocurrency account opened with an investment of as low as 100 USD Tether can bring you a profit of 10%-20% each month. You will be surprised to see some astonishing returns on your investment that may fall anywhere in between 70% to 150% of your investment annually.

Flexible Profit-Making

Managed forex/cryptocurrency accounts are flexible. You don’t have to go in a particular direction to make profits. Either the market is observing a bullish trend or a bearish trend has just taken over, well-managed forex/cryptocurrency accounts can find their way to become profitable.

Passive Investment

Trading forex/cryptocurrency on your own might not be suitable if you are inexperienced since you may well lose you all or major part of your investment in such high volatile market. A Managed forex/cryptocurrency trading account can help you overcome this issue. All you need is to open a managed forex/cryptocurrency trading account with us and you are all set to start making profits. On the other hand, if we talk about trading forex/cryptocurrency on your own then you must have a lot of knowledge and experience in the forex/cryptocurrency industry, otherwise, it may not work for you. Sooner or later, you are likely to lose your investment. So why to take the risk? When such a great service you can avail by opening a managed forex/cryptocurrency trading account.


As mentioned above that there is an increased risk involved with trading forex/cryptocurrency on your own. However, this risk can be reduced to an acceptable level by opening a managed forex/cryptocurrency trading account with us. It is to be noted that forex/cryptocurrency trading involves inherent risk which most traders are usually concerned about. Wealth management companies are always expected to have risk control measures in place, they will probably be incorporating drop down limits. Usually, companies do not seek risk of more than 2%-3% of client’s overall investments in a single trade. This can be a little higher in big investment accounts. For example, if you have opened a managed forex/cryptocurrency trading account with a company that has a 30% dropdown limit. Then the account is likely to stop trading when this dropdown limit is reached. This feature may also be known as “balance protection” feature.


Often managed forex/cryptocurrency trading accounts are misunderstood by people in a sense that they fear their account’s security is compromised, this is however not true, you have got the complete command over your account. Money managers can only use your funds for trading purposes. You have the complete power and authority to close your account and withdraw your investments if you suspect anything unusual.

Immune to Manipulation

As a matter of fact, forex/cryptocurrency accounts are considered difficult to manipulate unlike stock and futures markets that are vulnerable to the threat of being manipulated. Being situated in an exchange which has centralized operation mechanism, the risk is even higher since prices can easily be altered by big fishes in the industry. On the other hand, forex/cryptocurrency has a decentralized market having no single price, therefore, it is very difficult to manipulate forex/cryptocurrency.

Highly Liquidity

Managed forex/cryptocurrency trading accounts are much appreciated by investors all around the world because of being highly liquid. Unlike other forms of investments such as property leasing or business investment where you need to wait as long as the best offer is received to realize profits by selling your property or shares you can withdraw your investments when you wish to do so.


Leverage represents the level up to which a trader is allowed to take an advantage of. For example, when you open an account with us by investing only $500 and we use a leverage of 1:100 then this means that we can trade up to $50,000. This allows us to generate even higher profits.

Round the Clock Trading

Forex/cryptocurrency trading never observes a stop since the trading sessions including London, Sydney, New York, and Tokyo keep running parallel to each other, therefore, we can trade forex/cryptocurrency throughout the day.

Vortex Capital LLC is one of the best wealth management companies that offers high monthly returns with minimum risk. Our traders follow trading strategies that are widely regarded as the Holy Grail of forex/cryptocurrency trading.

Considerations for a Managed Forex/cryptocurrency Account

Managed Forex/cryptocurrency Accounts are best for the following people:

Many people are so busy with their schedules and routines that they don’t have the time, experience, and disposition to trade in the forex/cryptocurrency market. Family and career obligations can distract and divert your attention while you are trying to trade your forex/cryptocurrency trading account all day. A managed account is very appropriate for busy people as they are not obligated to trade and manage all day and this helps them to pursue other activities too.

If you are an experienced trader then you must know about the sufferings of traders and investors. Moreover, experienced investors also know about the exhibition of volatility by currency pairs. These kinds of investors also know about their limitations as forex/cryptocurrency markets do not guarantee them profit every time. Finally, we can say that you must employ a trading professional if you are not comfortable with carrying out the forex/cryptocurrency trading activities by yourself.

This type of account is best for the people who lack the psychological personality of a trader. For instance, Forex/cryptocurrency trading is not a place for a person who fails to admit his or her mistakes even if they do make them. This quality is important as volatile situations can clearly wipe out investment in matter of minutes. Investors must keep in mind that trading could lead to mentally, physically, and financially toll. The best way to overcome this is to hire yourself a wealth account manager rather than trading your own.

Non-considerations for a Managed Forex/cryptocurrency Account

Managed forex/cryptocurrency accounts are not fit for you if…

Experienced forex/cryptocurrency traders always want to stay in complete control of their trading account. Therefore, managed forex/cryptocurrency trading is not suitable for them as it does not allow any control over trading decisions.

High quality managed forex/cryptocurrency companies always offer overall consistent profitability to their customers. Moreover, control of maximum drawdown level produces minimum loss of capital as Vortex Capital LLC has shown historically in its trading account history.

The maximum drawdown formula of a forex/cryptocurrency account is as under:

(Equity high net value – Equity low net value) / Equity high net value

Let’s take an example of a maximum drawdown, you start your trading account with $15000, which then increased up to $25000, and then decreased to $8000, then increased up to $30000, and then decreased to $6,000, and then again increased up to $35000.

In this case, the equity high net value will be $35000, while the equity low net value would be $6,000. This would give you a maximum drawdown of:

($35000 – $6,000) / $35000 = 82%

Therefore, this level of maximum drawdown is considered very high as it shows a very risky investment. The maximum lower drawdown value is calculated to know the minimum risk that can be taken while trading with the managed forex/cryptocurrency account.


Should during the course of the minimum term of account management, a client’s balance falls below 90% of the original equity, Vortex Capital will return the 90% and make up the 10% loss from their own capital.

Of course, we can never say that this is risk free, or that anything is ‘guaranteed’, however this offer has been structured to provide a high level of protection to clients.


As best practice dictates, our managed Forex/cryptocurrency account traders perform in a very cautious manner, to build the client account slowly and thus carefully, and provide a contractual fixed monthly return. Vortex Capital does not take any commissions on trades placed; they only earn once the client account is far into profit. So, this means they have no interest in placing hundreds of trades which lose, as quite simply they don’t make a penny.

Historical returns since 2018 to clients are a fixed monthly profit depending on the size of the investment and clients can either compound the profits or withdraw them.